Honey Bee Meals


Nutritious & Delicious

Life is certainly busy, which makes grocery shopping, cooking and preparing good-for-you food a challenge.

We provide healthy, real food for your busy life because your tasks and obligations should not get in the way of your health and performance goals.

Honey Bee Meals are nutritious, simple and delicious meals free of gluten, soy, dairy and sugar making healthy easy! 

Easy & Convenient

Honey Bee Meals are perfect to take to work, school, the gym or to enjoy in your own home after a busy day. Just keep them refrigerated and reheat when you’re ready to dig in!

Meals are all cooked fresh and delivered within the Toronto area twice per week on the day cooked.

Delivery is right to your door within Toronto (north to Vaughan, south to the Lakeshore) and is a personable and engaging experience. 


Quality & Custom

We always use real, fresh and quality ingredients. Organic produce is sourced whenever possible.

Our different meal sizes, based on their macronutrient content, suit your individual needs.

All meals are customizable based on food allergies and intolerances – just let us know!